Your Gift at Work

$147 = You change a child’s life for one week

Weekly cost of comprehensive care for one child. Think of everything needed to raise a child: shelter, food, caring adults, school, medical attention, clothing,... Continue Reading

$60 = You give this little boy clean drinking water for one month

Delivery of bottled drinking water Clean water isn’t a given for many people around the world. With your gift of just $60, you ensure... Continue Reading

$43 = You send one child to public school for one month

Uniform, fees, supplies Most of the children at Vida Joven attend neighborhood public schools. Public education is free in Tijuana. However, a child cannot... Continue Reading

$39 = You give all the children a safe home for one day

Daily rental cost of the children’s home Kids who lived in unsafe houses or on the street now live in safety at Vida Joven.... Continue Reading

$35 = You feed one child for one month

Monthly grocery costs for one child. José has lived at Vida Joven for almost two years. His mom is in prison, and everyone in... Continue Reading

$25 = You help to cover the cost of one child’s birthday party

Partial cost of one birthday party. Total cost per party = $75. “Susana,” age 11, arrived at Vida Joven not knowing her birth date.... Continue Reading

$11 = You make sure the kindergartners get to & from school safely each day

Gasoline & van maintenance. Kindergarten is a three-year program in Tijuana. While the nearby Kindergarten school isn’t far from Vida Joven, it’s a bit... Continue Reading