For almost thirty years (until 2002), children lived with their incarcerated parents in La Mesa prison in Tijuana, Mexico. Inside the overcrowded and violent prison, children witnessed and experienced horrific things.

In response to this reality, a group of Southern Californians envisioned an alternative: a safe home near the prison where children could live in peace until their parents’ release. The home would be staffed by top-rate, trustworthy caregivers committed to loving, protecting, and educating the children. In 1996, that home–Vida Joven–was born.

Today, Vida Joven continues to be a safe and loving home for particularly vulnerable children. Fewer of the kids these days have parents who are incarcerated. Vida Joven has become, over time, a home for abandoned, abused, and neglected children. The majority of the kids are under the jurisdiction of social services.

Looking to the future, Vida Joven will continue in its mission to love, protect, and educate children who need a safe and loving home. We hope you will become part of the story of Vida Joven today.