by Beth Beall

This week, the Vida Joven girls begin their dance lessons.


May they learn the wonder and joy and mystery of listening to their bodies.  May they learn to love their own flesh.  Their beautiful flesh.  Their wounded flesh.  Their mortal flesh.  Their holy flesh.

May they laugh when they “fail” to get it “right.”  May they realize that, really, no one is watching.  May they come to experience this one hour of dance every week as an hour of heaven on earth.

An hour in which they can come home to themselves.  Come home to the glory and ordinariness of their own steady feet, reaching arms, bending knees, lovely eyes, open ears, pulsing heart…  Come home to the startling realization that they are beautiful, powerful, capable, kind, and forgiving creatures.

Dance, girls, dance.  Dream with your feet.  Oh, the places you’ll go!