You’re a dozen good eggs

(Blog post by Beth Beall)

You’re a dozen good eggs.

A baker’s dozen, even.



Because you:

  • visit these children even when, especially when, your own life is overwhelming
  • let the needs and concerns of these kids shape your priorities
  • “get” that it really does take money to raise all these young, growing lives
  • laugh at the kids’ stupid—really stupid—jokes
  • try to learn the children’s names
  • realize that the ability to speak Spanish matters far less than sharing your love

    You share your love with me

  • act as an ambassador for these kids, talking about the needs of these children with your family, with coworkers, with strangers in the grocery store checkout line…

In short, YOU are exactly what Sara and Evelyn and Cristopher and Jeffry and Ashley and all the other kids need.  This makes you pretty spectacular.  (And, perhaps you’ve begun to realize, too, that these children are exactly what YOU need, too.)

That’s why I say you are a dozen good eggs.  A baker’s dozen, to boot.  Thanks for opening your life to the children of Vida Joven.  Their lives are better because of you.  After all, who doesn’t need a dozen good eggs on their side?!