Hist whist! (Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash)

Happy Halloween!  blog post by Beth Beall

I like Halloween.  Maybe it’s because I have an October birthday, and I recall childhood cakes decorated with pumpkins.  Maybe it’s because I have a sweet tooth, and socially-sanctioned sugary adventures still rank high in my Book of Fun.

Are you familiar with e.e. cummings’ Halloween-y poem, “Hist Whist”?  It begins like this:

hist      whist
little ghostthings
little twitchy
witches and tingling
hob-a-nob     hob-a-nob…
(Look for this cummings book—ostensibly for children—at your public library.  The version illustrated by Deborah Kogan Ray is my favorite.)

Día de los Muertos is distinct from Halloween. (Photo by Mario Rodriguez on Unsplash)

You might like to know:
  1. No, Halloween isn’t a Mexican holiday… (But check out Día de los Muertos, a holiday that originated in Mexico)
  2. Yes, the Vida Joven kids celebrate Halloween!

There are many wonderful things—for folks on both sides of the border—about living in a border city.  And some not-so-wonderful things, again for people on both sides of the border.

Cross-pollination of cultural celebrations is definitely on the “wonderful” side.  The children and youth of Vida Joven have many friends from the U.S.  And if those friends in the U.S. get to dress up and ask for treats, then the kids in Mexico definitely wanna a piece of that pie!

Batman sighting at Vida Joven!

What a gift it is that these children can delight in dressing up and playing games.  Vida Joven supporters give the kids the gift of childhood, to include moments of delight and festivity.  That’s a really wonderful thing.

This year’s party (held on Saturday 28 October) included ten games, enviable prizes, and creepy-wicked snacks.  So many happy Spidermen, witches, pirates, Tinker Bells, angels, Batmen, and more at Vida Joven that Saturday.

Vida Joven teen plays a donut-eating game at annual Halloween party

To everyone who gives these children the gift of a safe home where they can laugh and play and forget the “real” terrors of the world for a little while: Thank you so very much.  And don’t forget:

hist      whist
little ghostthings

“Little twitchy witches and tingling goblins…” e.e.cummings (Photo by Benjamin Balázs on Unsplash)