Bailar = (bye-LAHR) = to dance

Loving the children of Vida Joven.  Visiting the children of Vida Joven.  Donating to the children of Vida Joven.  Dancing with the children of Vida Joven…!

NONE of these actions requires you to know how to speak Spanish.  The language of the heart is universal.

That said, having a few Spanish words or phrases in your pocket can bolster your own confidence when you visit the children.  And your efforts to speak in Spanish will convey your desire to build a connection.  Aaand…it’s fun to speak another language!

Here are some Spanish phrases that may come in handy when you’re with the kids. Enjoy!


Me llamo… = (may YAH-mo) = My name is…

¿Cómo te llamas? = (KOH-moh tay YAH-mahs) = What’s your name?

¿Cuántos años tienes? = (QWAHN-tohs AHN-yohs tee-AY-nace) = How old are you?

¿Te ayudo? = (tay eye-OO-doh) = May I help you with that?

¿Me ayudas por favor? = (may eye-OO-dahs poor-fah-VOOR) = Will you please help me?

¿Ocupas algo? = (oh-COO-pahs AHL-go) = Do you need anything?

Ya voy = (yah boy) = I’m coming; I’ll be right there

Ahorita vengo = (or-EE-tah BEN-go) = I’ll be right back

¡Cuidado! = (kwee-DAH-doh) = Careful!

Me gusta… = (may GOO-stah) = I like…

Te voy a extrañar = (tay boy ah ace-strahn-YAHR) = I’m gonna miss you!

Thank you for your care for the children of Vida Joven.  Here’s to new experiences, lasting relationships, changed lives, and beautiful languages.