Every day at Vida Joven, every child receives three healthy meals and snacks.

This is a Very Big Deal.

Many children arrive at the orphanage having been malnourished or undernourished.  “Teresa” came to Vida Joven a few years ago, at age seven.  This little girl had never experienced food security in her life.  When “Teresa” lived with her biological family, she did not know from day to day what she would eat, or if  she would eat.

“Teresa” remembers that her mother sometimes pressed a few pesos into her small hand.  Why?  So that “Teresa” could walk to the corner store and buy a packet of cookies to share with her siblings for dinner.

Not surprisingly, “Teresa” often hoarded and hid food during her early days at Vida Joven.  It took this child some time to trust that she wouldn’t go hungry in this home.

Poverty is the principal—though not the only—cause of hunger worldwide.  And, hunger is a major cause of poverty.  Hunger negatively impacts health and development.  It’s really hard to learn and work when you are ill or have low energy.

So, it is indeed a Very Big Deal that our Vida Joven donors are feeding the children every day.  It’s a Very Big Deal that the kids are learning that they feel good when they eat well.  It’s a Very Big Deal that the children are going to school with full stomachs.

It’s a Very Big Deal that you care.  Today “Teresa” is experiencing health—body, mind, and spirit—at Vida Joven.  Your commitment to these children is indeed life-saving and life-changing.  A Very Big Deal, indeed.