“I wish you all the joy that you can wish” (W. Shakespeare, ‘The Merchant of Venice’).

Perhaps you’ve visited the Vida Joven children.  Perhaps you sponsor one of the kids.  Picture one of them right now.  If one doesn’t come to mind, look through this website and find an image of a child that speaks to your heart.

Now: what do you wish for this Vida Joven child?

Do you wish for this child all that you wish for your own child, or grandchild?  Or for a niece, a nephew…any child that is special to you?

Of course you do.  Of course you want this Vida Joven child to experience the love, safety, education, opportunity, joy, and dignity that every child–everywhere–deserves.

Together, let’s put legs on our good wishes for the kids.  The children at Vida Joven need us to carry them in our hearts: yes.  And, they need us to equip them and support them each step of the way as they embrace the joys and challenges of their beautiful, difficult lives.

We can do this.  We must do this.  Here’s to joy.

P.S.  One possible leg: Sign up to visit the children today: https://vidajovendemexico.org/visit-the-kids/  Another possible leg: donate $10 to the children today: https://vidajovendemexico.org/donations/  $10 helps to cover school supplies.  Whatever you do, do it with joy!