It’s a rainy day in Tijuana.  The Kindergarten children, along with two ‘special needs’ kids who attend a private school, are at home today.  Sometimes our kids stay home from school when it rains, because the roads flood.

But rain isn’t the reason for these children staying home from school.  You see, the Kindergartners and private school children get driven to/from school in the orphanage’s van.  And so they are at home because driving is a luxury in Mexico these days.  

Perhaps you’ve been following the news about Mexico’s gasoline problems.  Gas prices spiked in Mexico at the start of 2017.  Gas now costs about 18 pesos per liter (1/4 gallon).  Minimum wage in Mexico is just 80 pesos a day.  (Currently ~20 pesos = $1 US.)

We hope for a speedy resolution to the problem.  House director, Sylvia Laborín, hopes to have the children back in school next week.  And…we realize that this issue is complex and complicated.  Gas prices are set to continue rising during this new year.  So for now, some of the Vida Joven children who need a ride to/from school remain at home.  Driving is a luxury these days, and the house staff have decided to limit driving–at least this week–to emergency purposes only.