Child's Feet B&WVida Joven is a haven for children.

Kids come to this home having experienced the multiple, traumatic effects of chronic poverty, neglect, abuse, and/or abandonment by their families.

In their daily lives at Vida Joven, the children experience a high degree of routine. Bedtime, mealtime, shower time, homework time, playtime, electronics time: everything has its time and place.

The routine is practical: it helps the house parents to maintain their sanity! And, most importantly, the routine is curative: it helps to protect the children from unhealthy chaos.

Every child who comes to Vida Joven has experienced unhealthy chaos. The gift of a daily routine, with its gentle-yet-firm boundaries, becomes a gift of freedom for the children: no longer do they need to expend energy wondering if they are safe, or if there will be food on the table in the morning. The children soon learn that there will ALWAYS be breakfast at 7:00a.m. (weekdays!), and that a house mom will ALWAYS be there if they are frightened or sick in the night.

And as the children begin to rest—to lean into the “shelter” of their daily routine—their hearts can shift from survival mode into healing mode.

And that’s when “being at home” can start to take on a whole new meaning.

Thank you for giving these children the Gift of Home.