Halloween isn’t a Mexican holiday. But living on the U.S. border means that the Vida Joven kids know all about Halloween. And they love it! The children’s annual Halloween party was held this year on Saturday, October 22.

Costumes came out of storage the day before the party. By Saturday morning, our “ordinary” kids were nowhere to be found. Instead, Vida Joven was populated by cheerleaders, witches, angels, Disney characters, clowns, superheroes, and more.

Volunteers and donors came from as close as Tijuana and as far away as Pasadena to host the kids’ Halloween party. Funny, messy, lively games for all ages evoked lots of laughter from the kids. And every snack had a Halloween theme, such as “Bloody Worms.” (Pour cherry jello into straws. When the jello is set, cut the straws to release the worms!)

Thanks to everyone who made the Halloween party so special for the kids. What a joy it is to love these children.